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Eagle Township Board of Trustees
Clinton County Planning Commission
Clinton County Board of Comissioners

I am writing to express my support for the proposed Michigan Manufacturing and Innovation Campus in Eagle Township. The future of any community is determined by its access to good jobs, creative opportunities and a good quality of life.

As we think about our future, it is our duty to secure a prosperous and hopeful community for the generations to come, our kids and grandkids, just as our forefathers and mothers have done for us. States like Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky are working around the clock, right now, to attract companies and talent from all over the country, creating large sites for transformative companies. It’s time for us to do the same. That’s what the Michigan Manufacturing and Innovation Campus is all about. Our collective future.

This is the only site, not only in our region, but in the state, and one of the few in the country, that is properly suited for such a creative development. As we urgently re-shore and compete for top technological companies to come back and build/make in the United States of America, creating thousands of good permanent jobs and construction jobs for our working families, we are also securing our country’s future in an increasingly dangerous world.

As a region, we are lucky to have such a potentially accessible, rare and perfect site. It is bookended by an interstate interchange and an industrial park/airport, located on a state highway, and but 15 minutes from Michigan State University, Lansing Community College and downtowns Lansing and East Lansing. This remarkable site offers a truly historic opportunity for us all in Eagle Township, Clinton County, the region, state and country.

This development will bring engineering and professional service careers to the area, along with production jobs. The site will also have a transformative, positive economic impact, across the region and state, for locally owned small main street businesses, service providers of all varieties, technology supply chains, places of worship, property values and new net revenue for the public services we all want like schools, roads, parks, police and fire.

Through the Eagle Township/Clinton County master planning process, we’ll be able to work together to attract development while preserving our proud heritage of farming and protecting the integrity of our community. By dedicating less than 0.4% of the agricultural land available in Clinton County for the Michigan Manufacturing and Innovation Campus, we’ll be able to attract new jobs and invest in Eagle Township and Clinton County’s future.

Change is never easy, but change is happening continuously. The key is to manage it smartly, pragmatically and to have as little impact as possible on rural areas further out from people and infrastructure.



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